• There is emotional tension of leaving the parental home and moving to a completely new environment.
  • There is fear of pain and bleeding at the first  intercourse.
  • There is fear of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • There is apprehension about her in-laws.
  • There are clashes between the in-laws on dowry issues, gifts, etc.
  • There is anxiety about poor self image due to size of breast, skin color, or physical defects.
  • Social attitudes  precipitate inhibition.
  • Many people believe that sex is dirty,
  • That only disreputable women enjoy sex
  • Woman’s knowledge  of sex means she is pre-experience
  • That it is a man’s right to enjoy sex and that the woman should submit to his demands.


  • There is anxiety  about sex performance.
  • There is poor self-image due to size of penis.


  • Trust
  • Time
  • Togetherness
  • Talk
  • Touch


  • Place
  • Dress
  • Personal Hygiene and Bath
  • Use of Lubricants
  • Lights
  • Porno Movies
  • Touch
  • Taste and Sensuality
  • Seductive Sounds

Tips to Male

  •  Remain tension free.
  •  Intercourse should always be done in an airy, neat, clean , fully ventilated room, free from any encroachment and disturbance.
  •  Ensure personal hygiene. Use deodorants, sents to ward off foul smelling body odours.
  •  Before sex , have a bath or at least, sponge your whole body, particularly  your ears, nose, arms pits, inner thighs, prepuce and glans penis.
  •  Give equal opportunity to your partner to have her own time.
  •  Never plunge your at once into intercourse.
  •  Persuade your partner. Appreciate and endear each and every organ of her body, even if you don’t have fancy to some of her organs.
  •  Aggression , rough-shod treatment, demeaning, slighting or insulting will have a rebound reaction, resulting an imposed coitus.
  • Excite her gently, carefully , slowly , tenderly. If she resists and forbids you not to touch any one or more of her sex organs
  •  Try to avoid sex during advance stage of pregnancy, during meanstruation or when she is having leucorrhoea.
  •  Fondle, caress, cuddle, kiss, pamper each and every erogenous zone- but very slowly.
  •  Give equal chance to your partner to indulge in sex act.
  •  If you are about to reach the climax, you should let your partner know a bit earlier so that she could help you to delay orgasm , by adopting squeeze the tempo method.
  •  After you have reached your climaxed orgasm , you should never leave her in between .


  • Before you meet your husband , make sure that.
  •  You have taken a fresh bath with some pleasing soap. Your private parts and arm-pits should not give our any foul and nauseating smell.
  •  Your hair should be styled in a such a way which should catch our husband’s fancy. Some ladies use some fragrant hair oil and adorn their hair.
  •  Never Burden your body with heavy clothes, Dress up in see-saw dress, where your beauty and body organs are amply exposed.
  •  Often change the colour of your dress –sometimes black, at times red, white or pink.
  • Avoid using bras and underpanties. But keep in mind how your husband would like you to dress up if at all.
  •  Exchange some notes and pay compliments for his finger and manly body
  •  Men do not want to  waste time in above said interludes, so don’t  over play in eulogizing your husband who is restless to enjoy every bit of your body.
  •  Do your utmost to build up his ego.


  • Lack of interest in the physical form of the spouse due to impotence, frigidity, family and professional constraints and compulsions.
  • More interest in children, less in husband.
  • More care for job requirements.
  • Extramarital Relationships.
  • Disagreement with the spouse on ways, methods and techniques in the performance of sex.
  • Homosexuality; lesbianism, masturbation, preference for call girl and prostitute.
  • Taboos and inhibitions. Joint family syndrome and social outlook.
  • Incest, child-abuse or preference for a younger partner.
  • Diseases like T.B, Diabetes, HIV, STD and AIDS, Cancer.
  • Psychosexual problems.
  • Sex arousal only with a person who can measure up to the imagined figure of the spouse.
  • Indulgence, though frequent, in oral sex or through mechanical gadgets.
  • Time crunch or else lack of mutual understanding as to when sex could be possible.

What a woman wants ? complaints by woman.

  • Like a greedy and impatient person, why a man
  • makes so much haste during the intercourse ?
  • He leaves me half way , turns his head and goes to sleep.
  • He uses me like a sleeping pill.
  • He uses me like a pitcher to hold his semen.
  • Man is like a fast train and women is like a slow   train. Two such trains if started together , will never reach the destination at the same time.
  • Why do people have sex ?
  • Biological instinct for survival of human race .
  • To satisfy the sexual desire.
  • For  achieving parenthood.
  • Promotion of intimacy, love and sharing between
  •     husband and wife.
  • Some women do it merely to satisfy their husband.
  • Some men do it for the release of tension.
  • Commercial sex worker (Prostitutes)do it for earning
  •     their livelihood.