There are four stage of sexual intercourse

  • Excitement phase
  •  Plateau phase
  •  Oragasmic phase
  •  Resolution phase

These the phase are to describe sexual intercourse . But couple can not distinguish between each of them.

stages of intercourse

PlateauThe Clitoris

Once a certain level of excitement has been reached, the clitoris retracts under the clitoral hood or foreskin, and thus becomes inaccessible to direct stimulation by the woman or her sexual partner. (In the past, it was not always understood that this retraction of the clitoris indicates an increase, not decrease, of sexual excitement).

With mounting sexual excitement, the glans of the clitoris retracts under its hood.

PlateauThe Clitoris

Excitement phase :- It last for few minutes to hours depending upon the foreplay . When aroused the blood  will pump into three corpora of penis . This make the penis still and rigid. The scrotal sac is  raised slightly due to muscular contraction, testes upwards .

Female :- Walls of vagina start secreting the vaginal fluid .

  • The wall turn purple.
  • The inner 2/3 of vagina  lengthens .
  • The uterus raises to pelvis.
  • Labia major open
  • Labia minor thickened
  • Clitoris lengthens & small

Plateau Phase

The phase is short and intense .

Male :-

  • Penis grows slightly larger
  • Glands develops reddish purple colour.
  • Few drops of stickly watery fluid comes.
  • Testis are still drawn higher

Female :-

  • Outer two third of vagina swells
  • Swollen outer vagina and labia.
  • Minora forms a long elevation as orgasmic platform.
  • The clitoris hides behind the hood.

Orgasmic Phase

It is shortest of all may last for few seconds.The series of involuntary  rhythmic contractions in testis  and the penis . Force out the semen from penis . This muscular contractions which occurs at interval of 0.8 second which gives sexual pleasure. The process of expulsion is known as ejaculation.


May be an orgasmic or multi orgasmic.Uterus orgasmic platform and rectal  sphinter contract at interval at 0.8 second. That tapes in  intensity an frequently.

Resolution phase

Male  divided in two phase 1st phase penis shrinks to half of its fully erect size. In second phase the penis return to the normal size. The second stage take little longer time than 1st stage .


  • Ten second after the vaginal contractions .
  • The clitoris returns to normal.
  • The entire vagina returns to normal colour, size position .
  • After 15 minutes uterus return to normal .
  • The inner and outer lip of  vagina revert to normal colour or size.
  • The new stimulation will arouse most of the women just after intercourse.