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Masturbation is stimulation of one’s own genital to achieve orgasm (It’s main cause is bad company). It gives a unique pleasure. Those who practice masturbation forget that it would destroy their strong sex drive which is vital for the satisfaction of their partners.
Masturbation is nothing else but sexual intercourse where in place of vagina the person uses his own hands or some other object. If sexual intercourse is harmless, so also is masturbation, has no adverse effect on the penis size or in sexual performance. But as the famous proverb say’s “Excess of everything is bad” People thinks excessive masturbation impedes full development of genitals. The body turns weak. The person turns hot tempered and unfriendly. It first leads to night discharge and then semen passes with urine. It upsets the digestive system and person loses strength. Person should take advise & cure himself.

An ejaculation which happens during sleep while having a sexy dream and without the desire of a person is called nightfall or night discharge.
In case, Such a discharge in sleep occurs three to four times in a month the person concerned should immediately consult some sexologist People things because the aggravated disease may cause complete sleeplessness. Others symptoms are weakness disappearance of beauty and brightness on the face, giddiness, darkness in sight, tiredness even after light work, failing memory etc. The person may become even impotent is myth. Hence early treatment by a specialist is advised.

When Spermatozoa passes per urethera is called as spermatorrhea, this is after sexual intercourse after sexual stimulation or infection of Testis vas deference or, prostate seminal vesicle.

It relates to early discharge of semen in sexual act. The normal time for discharge is three to four minutes. If discharge takes place before having an orgasm, it is considered pre mature ejaculation. In such case the male partner is not able to sexually satisfy his female partner which leads to discords in relationship.

Common causes for premature ejaculation:-

Excessive excitement in earlier sexual experiences.
Sexual abstinence.
New partner.
New setting, Surrounding.
Extremely responsive and assertive partner .
Early experiences with friends or sex workers wherein the man is pressurized to ejaculate as early as possible.
Marital disharmony with hostility towards partner.
Anxiety states like,.:-
-Will I ejaculate too fast?
-Will I be able to satisfy my partner?

Retarded or delayed ejaculation is when a man takes too long to climax, causing problems with his sexual performance.
The symptoms accompanying the male menopause and the aging process in men are a decrease in such thing as libido and sexual activity, less signs of virilism such as a thinning or male hair or beard growth, a decrease in muscle mass and strength, lack of energy, ostopenia (weakened or soft bones), a decrease in cognitive functions, irritability, excessive sweating with occasional hot flushes, and a lowering of the feeling of general well-being. We can attribute at least some of these symptoms to an age associated decrease in testosterone levels.

When you think of what it means to have diabetes, “Great Sex” may not come to mind. But it could.

Someone who has diabetes should be able to enjoy sex as much and as regularly as someone who doesn’t have it.”You just need to think about it a little more and educate yourself if you want a Long, Full SEX Life.”

Diabetes can causes issues from Low Libido or trouble getting an erection. but experts say that controlling your diabetes well can prevent sexual issues or make existing issues milder and easier to treat. in men with diabetes, most treatments work well.

Here are some most common sexual concerns and how to prevent or treat them.

(1.) Erectile Dysfunction:-

Erectile Dysfunction(ED) — not being able to get or keep an erection — is the main sexual complaint for men with diabetes. Of course, all men have trouble with erections sometimes, especially as they age. But if you have diabetes, you’re twice as likely to have ED and at a younger age.

You have ED if you have trouble with erections one out of every four times. Nerve and artery damage from poor diabetes control is a likely cause because it disrupts blood flow to your penis. You’re also more likely to have heart disease because of this damage, which slows blood flow to your heart.

ED can bring your mood down.it can lower your self-esteem,make you depressed and anxious in bed, and cause stress between you and your partner.

(2.) Low SEX Drive:-

On the other hand, if you just don’t have much desire for sex, you may have low testosterone, Like ED, low testosterone is more likely in men as they age. But having diabetes, especially if it is type 2 or you are overweight (or BOTH), doubles your chances of having it.

You can feel the effects of low testosterone in many areas of life. your energy, muscle strength, and mood may be low, as well as your sexual desire. you may have fewer and weaker erections.

Taking Control of Sexual Issues : Where to Start

if you have sexual problems and have diabetes, chances are you have chronic high Blood sugar. Getting good control of your diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol is the NO. 1 way to prevent and help ease SEX troubles. it’s a win-win strategy : You’ll be Healthier and have better SEX. “Even if you already have nerve damage,it will help minimize Sexual Problems.”

Make these tips part of your game plan:-

Loose Weight if you need to :- Here’s good news if you overweight or obese. A small 2011 study showed that obese men with type 2 diabetes who lost 5% or more of their body weight had better erections and more sexual desire in a metter of weeks. Why? Extra weight raises your chance of problems like nerve damage because it makes your body less able to use insulin. it also raises your chances of low testosterone. “Even modest weight loss of 5% or 7% can have a big impect.”

Get Moving :- Being a couch potato makes you more likely to have ED. Regular exercise help blood flow and protects against ED.

Talk to Your Doctor :- don’t be shy. about half of men with diabetes say they bring up sexual concerns with their doctors. other health problems, like high blood pressure and kidney disease, may be to blame for your ED. or you may have lost interest in SEX because you’re depressed, not low in testosterone. your doctor can help pinpoint the problem and guide you to right treatment.

Learn about your Medicines :- This is another reason to talk to your doctor. you may take a medicine that causes sexual side effects. For instances, some blood pressure drugs can causes erectile dysfunction, and some antidepressants can lower SEX drive. You may be able to cut back or switch to another medicine if one you take has stalled your SEX life.

Sex and Diabetes : Erectile Dysfunction Fixes

(A.) Treat Your ED :- “There is a treatment for absolutly every man”, says JANIS ROSZLER, a Diabetes Educator, Marriage Therapist. Dr. M. N. Thareja, for Him and Her. The Best treatment for you depends things like the nature of the problem and other health issues you have.

(i) Oral Drugs :- Sildenafil Citrate(Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), and Verdinafil(Levitra) boost blood flow to the penis during stimulation. the most common side effects, like headaches and stuffy nose, are usually mild and temporary. Side effects like erections that last for hours are rae. Oral Drugs are the mostcommon treatment and work well for up to 60% of men with diabetes who take them.

(ii) Injections :- Sildenafil Citrate(Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), and Verdinafil(Levitra) boost blood flow to the penis during stimulation. the most common side effects, like headaches and stuffy nose, are usually mild and temporary. Side effects like erections that last for hours are rae. Oral Drugs are the mostcommon treatment and work well for up to 60% of men with diabetes who take them.

(iii) Suppositories :- Alprostadil(Muse) also comes in tiny pellets– the size of a grain of rice– that you put into the tip of your penis to relax the muscles and widen the blood vessels. you can use them twice a day. They work in about 35% of men.

(iv) Devices :- Vacuum Pumps, available over the counter at drugstores, draw blood into penis, helping it get hard. if you have trouble keeping an erections, you can follow with a constriction band around the base of the penis to keep the blood there once it’s erect. Support Sleeves, which holds the penis in place during sex, are also an options if you can’t get an erections.

(v) Penile Implants :-This may be the best options if you have advanced diabetes and severe ED that doesn’t respond to other treatments. The most natural implants are inflatable devices with fluid-filled cylinders that are placed in the erections chambers of the penis. you control an implants pump that moves the fluid the cylinders to create an erections.

(B.) Treat Your low Testosterone :- “Low Testosterone can have a huge effects on your life, but the nice thing is it’s so easy to traet.” ROSZLER says. You can use testosterone gels, patches, shots, or Pellets.

Testosterone replacement therapy can boost your energy, sex drive, erections, muscle mass and mood, In a 2013 study, it improved all aspects of sex as well as the overall quality of life of obese men with type 2 diabetes. The impact was smaller for men who were more obese or depressed, though — another good reason to also loose weight or get help for depression.

Most people now know tobacco contributes to serious lung disease, heart disease and some cancers but they may not realize it can also affect their sexual and reproductive health as well. Doctors specializing in male impotence now that smoking is one of the reasons why many men become impotent when they are middle aged and older.

The belief that loss of semen is harmful for health is part of folk lore in India. It is a kind of traditional cultural knowledge which goes back to hundreds of years. It is mentioned in mythological tales, in religious texts, in popular ayurvedic books. In such circumstances the guilt about loss of semen in young men is wide spread. Some young men develop another serious preoccupation. They complain of various physical and psychological symptoms and they are convinced that their symptoms are due to the passage of semen in the urine. Sometimes they have seen some whitish substance when the urine is collected or they have noticed some sticky whitish fluid at the beginning of end of passage of urine while straining at stools. Many others times, since they are feeling weak they assume or have been told by their friends that they must be passing semen in the urine to explain their weakness.

Their fears are amply confirmed by numerous advertisements about sexual disorders published in popular newspapers or magazines. The walls in any town or city in India are full of such advertisements by quacks who further enhance the sexual fears and guilt of young people and who offer “guaranteed” cure for all kinds of sexual weaknesses.

The passage of semen in urine in popular languages in most parts of India is called DHAT or DHATU ROG. In parts of north western India and Pakistan it is called JIRYAN. It is also known by many other local names in different States.

Those of us who have been trained in the field of modern scientific medicine (Allopathy) may it be doctors, nurses or health workers, find it very strange that something which is so common in our country, has no mention in the western text books of medicine or physiology. Since there is no such cultural belief in Europe about the harmful effect of loss of semen, there is no description of it in the medical books published in Europe or U.S.A., Average medical practitioner or health worker in India is often in a dilemma about how to handle a large number of such cases which visit health services all over the country for such problems and which are not even described in the medical books.

Impotence:- the inability to obtain and /or sustain an erection adequate for vaginal penetration and satisfactory completion of sexual intercourse.

Impotence is a frustrating condition in which a man can’t get as erection or keep it long enough for sexual intercourse. It can be a burden for the man and his partner. Erection problems are common and may be due to physical causes, psychological causes or both. But impotence is treatable by physicians, sex therapists, and married counselors using proven medical, surgical, and/or psychological therapies.

(1.) Impotence is Common:- Most men occasionally experience erection problems. But for one in ten, impotence becomes a chronic condition. Erection problems can be caused by illness, drugs depression, or a viscous cycle of stress and anxiety. Whatever the cause, erection problem can undermine a man’s self confidence and erode his relationship with his partner. The first step a couple can take to restoring a pleasurable sex life is to seek professional help.

(2.) Impotence is Treatable:- Diagnosis begins with a through history, physical examination and lab tests. If the cause is psychological, sex and/or marriage counseling are indicated. If the cause is physical, treatment may be either medical or surgical. Most erection problems are treated successfully. But there’s a lot you can do for yourselves. And there are support groups, too. A couple can enjoy fulfilling sex once again.

(3.) WHAT CAUSES IMPOTENCE?:- Diagnosis of the cause is the first step in resolving erection problems-finding out whether they’re due to physical causes, psychological causes, or both. In half of all cases, impotence can be traced to physical causes : drugs, poor blood or nerve supply to the penis, or hormones imbalance. In other half of cases, impotence can be traced to psychological factors : depression, stress, performance anxiety, and misinformation about sexuality.

(i) Drugs are the most common physical Causes of erection problems. Examples are: sedatives, antihypertensives, Diuretics, antidepressants, weight control Drugs, peptic ulcer drugs, alcohol, nicotine and opiates.

(ii) Blood flow abnormalities can cause Impotence. Diseases that reduce blood. Flow to the penis include hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, diabetes, or Peyronie’s disease (scar tissue in the penis)

(iii) Nerve impulse abnormalities can cause Erection problems. Diseases that reduce Or interrupt nerve supply to the penis Include : diabetes, strokes, spinal cord Injuries, pelvic surgery, kidney disease, or alcoholism.

(iv) Hormonal abnormalities are rarely the cause of impotence. Diseases or drugs that disrupt the normal balance of hormones include : kidney disease and dialysis, liver disease, and alcoholism.

(i) Depression diminishes a man’s energy and reduces his sex drive. He can’t get an erection and that deepens his depression. Before impotence can be resolved, the depression and its causes Must first be treated.

(ii) Stress (job, marital, financial) is a common cause of erection problems. The more a man tries to get as erection when he’s tense, the worse it gets. Stress cause impotence which in turn, increases his stress.

(iii) Performance anxiety happens to most men on occasion, bet if it persist it can cause impotence. Fear of failure raises leads to more fear of failure : it’s a Vicious cycle.

(iv) Misinformation about sexuality can feed stress, performance anxiety, and impotence. Men grow up with destructive myths about sexual decline with age, Or about how a “real man” should perform.

A variety of illness can lead to sexual dysfunction and consequently many different classifications of impotence exist. In simple terms, the cause of impotency can usually be quantified as being psychological, organic, or a mixture of both, as many cases would be. The organic cause could further be distributed as having a neurogenic, vascular, endocrine or end organ defect basis. With the help of a detailed history and specific investigations, a precise diagnosis can be made of the cause of sexual dysfunction in the particular patient and a definitive corrective therapy offered.

THERAPEUTIC OPTIONS: The correct therapeutic option is often dependent on the correctness of the diagnosis of cause of impotency.

Psychotherapy:- Patients with purely psychological cause for their erectile disturbance are offered the requisite therapy.
Drug Induced impotency:- Some cases of erectile failure are due to use of certain medications which have impotency as a side effect. Often alternatives are available which do not have this side effect. Shifting the patient to these alternative drugs often leads to a remarkable improvement in the erectile disturbance.
Hormonal Therapy:- A precise diagnosis allows the hormonal normal milieu to be normalized.
Self injection of ICIVAD (Intra Cavernous Injection Vaso Active Drug):- This is often the therapeutic option of choice in many patients with erectile disturbances, often due to varied causes.
Surgery:- In selected cases to overcome arterial blocks or to placate veins in case with predominant venous incompetence.
Oral Agents:- Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadafil, Udanafil, Verdinafil is established as the only scientific approved oral agent. This is a PDE 5 blocker, which increases GMP cycle and thus increases, no levels in corpora, thus acting as ‘Enhancement of Erection’.Sildenafil is contraindicated in patients taking long and short acting Nitrates, Acute Myocardial insufficiency, difficult hypertensive on multi drug resign, in retinits pigmentosa, Sickle cell anemia and multiple myloma.
Vacuum Suction Therapy:- Especially useful in cases of partial impotency due to a variety of causes.
Prosthesis:- Inspite of popular misconception that the only therapy available for impotency is the use of penile prosthesis, these are usually offered to a very selective group of patients often after other forms of therapy have failed or are unacceptable.
Normal Changes With Age:- Although sexual activity normally continues throughout a man’s lifetime, his reactions take longer as he gets older. He needs more fantasy, or manual or oral stimulations to get an erection. He takes longer to climax and his erections may come and go. And he needs more recycling time before he can get another erection.

The 20s:- A young man needs little stimulation and can get as erection in a few minutes. He usually climaxes quickly but he can regain his erection in minutes.
The 40s:- With age, there’s more need of direct stimulation and fantasy. An erection takes several minutes , climax is slower and erection can be regained in an hour or so.
The 60s:- An older man needs even more direct stimulations and fantasy. He takes longer to get an erection, can maintain it longer but may take a day or more to regain it.
MYTH’s :-
Sexual performance proves a man’s “Manhood” and his love for his partner.
Partners of men with erection problems Are usually unwilling to participate in solution.
Impotence in man older than 65 is normal : “What do you expect at your age?”
Too much sex and masturbation during a man’s life can cause erectile problems as he grows older.
An affair can often help restore normal sex to a man’s marriage.
An important sign of impotence in older is absence of spontaneous, “no hands” erections.
A “real man” always wants sex and he’s always ready to have sex.
Sex is natural; a “real man ” should know what to do.
Impotence in a married man usually indicated a deep-seated problem in the relation.

FACT’s :-
Sexual performance changes with each Situation and mood. It doesn’t prove anything, nor does need to.
Most partners are glad to have the chance to participate; they’re the part of the man’s treatment.
Impotence isn’t normal in men of any age; although sexual responses change with age, sexuality has no age limit.
Erectile problems have nothing to do with the amount of use-and you can’t overuse it.
An affair rarely improves sex in a relationship. And sex with a new partner can create guilt and anxiety, making impotence worse.
It is normal for an older man to need manual or oral stimulation to get as erection. It has nothing to do with impotence.
Sexual desire varies from day to day and Situation to situation. It is normal for a man’s sexual desire to come and go.
Sexual skills and sensitivity are learned behaviors; the more you learn and practice, the better lover you can be.
Although marital problems can contribute to impotence, it’s usually due to other physical Psychological factors.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) was defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection adequate for sexual satisfaction. And the prevalence rate of ED is estimated to be 10% to 20% worldwide. After the introduction of new oral drugs for the treatment of ED, most clinicians adopted a goal-oriented approach to treat most ED patients. However, the diagnostic approach should be individualized as impotence is not a life threatening but a functional disease. So revealing the underlying etiology of ED is very important for individual treatment.
Stamp Test: The third method that can be used at home by the patient is the stamp test(erection self –test). Men with organic impotence have few, if any, erections during their sleep. One can confirm an organic impotence by monitoring the nocturnal erections for several nights even at home using this procedure. A strip of four to six stamps (any kind) is used for each test .
ED could be divided into psychologic and organic ED by etiology, in which organic ED may be caused by vasculogenic, neurogenic or other factors. Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) monitoring was the acknowledged objective test for diagnosis of ED, which could distinguish psychogenic from organic impotence. Its’ function in male impotence penile erections naturally occur 3–5 times during sleep. The RigiScan device is the most reliable test to be used in NPT test.
And the absence of nocturnal erections does not indicate the etiology of the ED, even if due to an organic cause pharmacopenile color doppler ultrasonography (PCDU) may replace the NPT test because PCDU was repeatable and most organic ED was vascular origin.
So in this study, we investigated the function of RigiScan in the diagnosis of ED, and we also compare it with that of PCDU.