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Syphilis is a contagious and sexually transmitted disease. It is the result of prostitution or intercourse with the women suffering from Syphilis. In the beginning a small pimple appears on the cap of the penis often with not much pain. There is some irritation on the penis. The patient feels pleasure in scrubbing it. Gradually the pimple increases in size and many other pimples appear on the penis which later take shape of a pain full wound. The disease when germs of the disease enter the blood stream. The germs particularly affect the Brain and Eyes of patient.The patient need not get panicky. He must start treatment as early as possible to be cured of this disease.
A nasty and sexually transmitted disease- this disease is the result of prostitution or intercourse with the women who has gonorrhea. It causes wound inside the genitals and pain during discharge of urine. In case the disease remains untreated, pus is formed inside the genital which gets swellon. It must be treated immediately because the off- springs may also suffer from it, if untreated. The patient need not loose his heart he should consult a VD specialist or good Sexologist and take treatment with patience.
Orgasm is Characterised by felling of heightened excitement, a peaking of subjective pleasure and subsequently release of sexual tension. Women’s orgasmic contractions may continue longer than those of men. Also, women can experience multiple orgasms in close succession, whereas men cannot. However, women’s experiences of orgasm are quite varied. Orgasm or sexual climax may be produced by stimulation of genital organs e.g. clitoris, vagina.

(1.) Definition:- Inability or absence of penetration and ejaculation by the male in the vagina of the female.

(2.) PREVALENCE:- About 10 to 15% of couples who seek sex therapy have an unconsummated marriage. They have never had an intercourse, although many are orgasmic by tactile or oral stimulation of the genitals.

(3.) AETIOLOGY:- Sometimes sexual dysfunctions may be the cause of unconsummation of marriage Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation in males and vaginismus in females lead to unconsummation. A woman having vaginismus, makes penetration impossible. The male may try hard but being unsuccessful in penetration, may lose the erection and may be labelled as an impotent.

(i) The other causes of unconsummated marriage are sexual aversion, dyspareunia, Rigid hymen, atresia of vagina, trauma and infection in and around genital organs.

(ii) The management Detailed history, physical examination, sex therapy, specific medical treatment benefit most of the clients discuss with good sexologist and treatment.

(iii) The more common aetiological factor for unconsummation of marriage dealt with here at length is the ignorance about female sexual anatomy and about the act of coitus. Both, the male and the female are normal in their anatomy and physiology.

(iv) Their ability to perform intercourse is not lost: however there is absence of vaginal penetration due to ignorance about position of the vaginal opening and /or about the direction of the vaginal barrel. Some are unaware that pelvic thrusting is required: Some may not be able to do rhythmic pelvic movements: some may not know the body positions of the male and the female required for the intercourse: while some others may not even know that the coitus is a prerequisite for fertility.

WHY UNCONSUMMATION? :- Since sex is a basic instinct present in the animals for the purpose of sexual reproduction, many find it hard to believe that unconsummation of marriage exists in our society. Unlike the other animals, the sexual behavior in human being is the outcome of learning and conditioning, Sex being considered a taboo there is hardly any opportunity for learning. Therefore ignorance, myths and misconceptions about sex prevail.

All the quadruped and biped animals perform coitus by rear entry, while human being is the only animal doing intercourse in a face to face position. The act is done in the dark: the female genitals are unseen externally. All these factors contribute to unconsummation of marriage.

HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS :- It is Retroviruses infection. it infect human sex availability. There are two types of infection is HIV 1 and HIV 2.

This is transmitted by following methods :-

  1. Sexual intercourse most common by anal and oral sex because the anal mucus member in thin than vaginal mucus Membrane in homosexual and in person with multiple hetro sexual intercourse.
  2. Blood and blood products.
  3. Contaminated Needles and syringes.
  4. Organ & tissue donation Semen, kidney, Skin, cornea and bone marrow.
  5. Mother to child in utero at Birth, Breast milk.

HIV Infection :- Usually it comes positive after 6 week of relationship, rarely may take 6 months to come positive.

  1. Fever more then 1 month.
  2. Diarrhea more then 1 month.
  3. Weight lost more then 10% of body weight.
  4. Oral and oesophageal ulceration.
  5. Macula papular rash.
  6. Generalized lymphoadenopathy.
This is a viral disease it causes grouped vesicular eruption of skin and mucus Membrane . Some patients may become long time carrier there are two types of strain HSV1 herpes simplex virus primary responsible for infection around mouth. Other in HS2 causes genital injection and usually sexually Transmitted disease.

Libido is defined as biological need for sexual activity (the sex drive).

Low-libido is defined as persistent or recurrence deficient (absence ) sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity and due to marked distress.

Hypoactive sexual desires may be caused by decreased in normal production of testosterone.

Common cause of deceased sex desire :-


  1. Stress
  2. Exhaustion
  3. Relationship problem
  4. Depression



  1. Chronic alcoholic
  2. Diabetes mellitus
  3. Obesity
  4. Low testosterone label
  5. Prescribed drugs
  6. Hyperprolactinaemia
  7. Andropause